Space heaters and gaming computers don’t mix

My cousin is one of those classic obnoxious guys who thinks he is so much smarter than he is. Now that I’ve begun getting a bit of following gaming online, he keeps calling me to come over and take a look at his rig. These calls vary from wanting to show things off to asking me to troubleshoot. I know a things about setting up rigs, but I’m no genius. However, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that problem with his gaming rig the last time he called me over for help… He had messaged saying that despite getting a brand new cooling fan, his tower was still overheating. He thought maybe he had installed it wrong, and wondered if I could at least point out where he went wrong. That at least felt within my capability, so I told him I’d come by the next day. Well, when I got there, I could tell pretty quick that there was no problem with the cooling fan. I took a closer look at it to be sure, but the problem was very clearly being caused by his space heater. He had the tower on a floating base beneath his desk, which is supposed to help with cooling too. However, all of the fancy tower bases in the world aren’t going to help when your space heater is less than three feet away from the rig! I told him he needed to move the space heater, because it was causing the tower to overheat. He looked at me like I was an idiot and said no, that was what he bought the cooling fan for. The cooling fan is designed to put up with the heat put off from within the tower, no a space heater aimed right at it!

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