I want my old unit back

When my boss told me that he was having my fellow colleagues and I work from home instead of coming into work each day, I was so excited. We were told that the company was closing down the brick and mortar office to try to cut down on costs. My commute to work is forty five minutes each way, and over half of the time I am just sitting in traffic on the middle of the highway. Not only was my job far away, but the work environment was the worst. It was always so cold in there, and the industrial grade air conditioning unit just so happened to be installed right next to my desk. Whenever I would try to adjust the a/c unit and turn it down a little bit, one of my work colleagues would come over and adjust it right back to how it was. Not only were they all very particular with the air conditioning unit settings every day, but they were just rude people in general. People were almost always starting rumors, parking in the spots that were not theirs, and even eating other peoples food from the community fridge. Now that I get to work from the comfort of my own house, I am in charge of the HVAC a/c unit settings, and I won’t be forced to hear what Becky did with her four kids on the weekend. Most people were super sad while we were all packing up our desks, but I was so excited to get the heck out of there for the very last time!

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