That is the type of home you grow old in

For a while now since my hubby and me retired, we’ve been creating blueprints to have our own custom home built. We laid it all out for the construction workers and had to choose what type of heating as well as cooling devices we wanted for the home to provide the heating and cooling. We ended up making the choice to go with a central a/c and a new invention in the heating in addition to cooling industry, this was something called heated radiant floors! Heated radiant floors are a form of heating and cooling technology to where the floors easily supply the heat of the heating system instead of it coming out of your central air vents like the familiar heating in addition to a/c systems we have known. In order to get heated radiant floors, every last one of us had to go with an all tile floor lay out. This was ok with us as it will save on having to scrub as well as clean the carpets all the time every few months or so! Also, with heated radiant floors, the heating is controlled the same way through the thermostat dial temperature control on the wall. Heated radiant floors the both of us were told is also a major energy saver in addition to can save you tons on your biweekly or even monthly electric bills that would be higher running a general central heating in addition to cooling system in your house. It will be interesting to see our first electric bill and experience this new heating in addition to cooling technology of heated radiant floors in our brand new home that we are having built! The house itself will be ready for us to go in there and be fully built in about a year’s time, every one of us are looking forward to it more than you realise!