I need to work on my air conditioner

I have a beehive in my ductwork and I don’t know what to do. Obviously I have to call somebody to take care of this. The hive is not a small little nest either. It is a massive beehive that contains tons of bees swarming around in there. I noticed it in the summer when the walls started to make a humming noise. I inspected and saw through my air vent that there were bees floating around. Thankfully I had not turned on my AC system yet. I can’t just imagine how angry the bees would be if my air conditioner started blowing over them. The bees probably would have swarmed out of the ductwork and into my home. It is hot now and I really want to use the cooling equipment. I need to get the bees removed and seal up the hole that they got into. Is this a HVAC job or an exterminator job? I think I need to call both professionals for this. I think the exterminator will need to come into the house and get rid of the bees. Then the HVAC contractor can perform ductwork cleaning to get rid of the nest and ductwork sealing to stop their access. However, I am worried about the exterminator accessing the bees. Exterminators don’t understand ductwork and how fragile it is. I am worried that the guy will damage my HVAC equipment in his process. That is why I would like it if the HVAC business could do everything. I can’t be the only homeowner that has dealt with this.

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