I believe it’s too warm

I care about traveling to current countries. I used to travel only to tropical spots, and the main concerns were beaches, a/c machines plus booze. My plans consisted of kneeling on the beach, going to the bars plus maybe to a few nice shops. The hotel air conditioner machine had to be entirely perfect. I could always count on myself to get an awful sunburn plus need to spend at least a day in the hotel. Now, I have broadened my horizons. I travel to colder places of interest that are more known for architecture, shops plus the history associated with the places. Since I am in freezing places, heating is more of a concern. I need the hotel to at least have a heating machine in the room. Central heating is the best plus sporadically I am fortunate that a boiler system hooked to baseboards is what the room has to offer. What is weird is that in these colder countries, they absolutely blast the gas furnaces. I am used to tropical locations plus cold when I go into different eating establishments. These current venues I go to have tons of heating in the pubs, cafes plus hotels. The furnace use at night is so uncomfortable though that I usually open windows plus sleep in my underwear. Why do all these places not have decent temperature control? On a sizzling day, cooling is definitely appreciated, however not negative degree conditions. On a cold day, I would adore some heating. I don’t want to have the furnace cranked to around 82 degrees though. It is a change to get used to, but, I think I would rather have extreme heating than extreme AC.

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