I have to say that was a circus

I recently got a phone call from what turned out to be a scammer using the heating plus cooling industry as its main form of scam. They called me up plus was offering me a so called free brand new plus new heating plus cooling system. That to me sounded way too relaxing to be true! Usually, when something sounds too relaxing to be true, it usually is. This was no different. But, I went on to listen to this scammer anyhow. He went on saying that the latest in heating plus cooling technology could be mine just for letting them instal a brand new plus new heating plus cooling system, an whole-apartment air purifier as well as free radiant radiant floors for the heat. Both of us were looking at what would be numerous thousands of dollars worth of heating plus cooling equipment! Of course, after this scammer on the phone was done telling me the thousands of dollars of heating plus cooling things that I would get for free just for testing them out on the market, he went on to ask me for our banking information, social security number plus if I had any credit cards! I asked this idiot why he needed all that, plus he became undoubtedly miserable with me plus said that it is to prove I am credit worthy. I laughed at this moron plus said to him, if he was giving me free heating plus cooling equipment, then what did credit matter? He got all flustered plus hung up the phone. I was not the fool this scammer thought I was!

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