I love the decisions

There is usually a point in every cabin repair when you just have to guess when to call in a professional, my lover Leo and I entirely try to repair most of the things that tear up in our house ourselves. Ninety percent of the time  it’s just so that all of us can save currency, but neither of us are entirely do it yourself gurus or anything care about that, and but occasionally there are repairs that are just beyond our capabilities, if you know what I mean! Usually all of us can handle stuff care about a minor plumbing repair or if something goes terribly wrong with a door handle or a window latch. To be totally honest, neither one of us have a clue when it comes to our heating, ventilation and A/Cs. The Heating and Air Conditioning unit is a complete mystery to both of us, then rick cares about to put on a show as if he knows what he’s doing whenever our electric oil furnace goes on the blink, although I believe he just goes down to the basement oil furnace room to save face, however I don’t really know he does anything more than change out the oil furnace filter, honestly. I have a strong feeling that’s all he knows how to do! And I’m not making fun of him, because he knows about as much about the oil furnace and the central air conditioning unit as I do! Thank goodness all of us have a super great Heating and Air Conditioning specialist who works at our local heating and cooling corporation in the city. Whenever anything goes south with our oil furnace or our air conditioning, all of us just call him and he comes out to the house to get everything repaired and now working the right way for us.  

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