A very old heater

It was insane, I kept running into this guy everywhere I would go. It wouldn’t be every day or anything like that, but I ran into him quite often. I jokingly said that he must be stalking me or something. He laughed and said he was definitely out to get me. He ended up asking me if I wanted to go have some coffee sometime. So I agreed and we we’re having lunch together. I learned that he is an HVAC technician which I thought was fascinating. I was actually experiencing troubles with my HVAC system at home, and I wasn’t sure what was wrong. He said he would be happy to have a look at my HVAC system for me. So he was over at my house, and he was having a look at my heating and cooling equipment. He first checked the thermostat to make sure that was in good working order. He said I should think about getting a smart thermostat, because they make life a lot easier. I said I would definitely think about that. He soon found that the problem was that I needed to have some parts replaced in my HVAC unit. He said he could do that for me, I would just have to pay for the parts. I told him I would cook him a really nice dinner, if he did that for me. So it was that same day that we had a nice lunch, this fine gentleman repaired my HVAC unit, and I made him the best dinner ever. We really hit it off and we ended up being in a relationship together. I think we might end up getting married eventually, or at least I hope so.

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