We have a very old unit

I have a trip booked to visit a country that is known for the cold and the castles. I plan to stay in a castle during my trip. I am a little bit worried since the website boasts about giving the guest an authentic experience. I am wondering how authentic we are going. I am hoping the castle look like an old castle and my room resembles it. I want to walk up huge stone staircases with an old style of bed. But, I don’t want to use a bucket for washing and a pot to do my business in. I also don’t want the authentic style of heating either. Back in the day people just used wood burning fireplaces for heating. They would chop wood and burn it all night long to serve as a heater. Not only does this smell, but ash gets everywhere. The wood burns fast and the heating is just not that good. I have gone camping before and relied on wood for heating. It is just horrible and a ton of work. In the end, you freeze a ton too. I want the real experience with some modern day comforts. I want a good heating system working while I sleep. I don’t know how they can do this though. In an old castle I would not think ductwork installation would be possible. Installing a ductless mini split would be hard. I am hopeful there is at least a boiler system that is used to heat the baseboards. I could deal with that. I could even make do with a space heater.

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