I was working on my home

It was no surprise when our son decided to build a home in one of the newest neighborhoods in town.  He has a good job and it is a good thing because he always has to have the best of the best. He and his wife are real tech junkies and they wanted to make sure that their house was as modern as possible. They even have one of those fancy doorbells that has a camera so that they can see who’s at the door even when they’re at work.  That kind of thing is creepy to me if you ask because I don’t like anyone looking at me just when I knock on the door. Anyway, their house has a security system that is tied into other appliances at their home. This system can monitor any problems that might be going on with things like their HVAC system or plumbing or wiring. This means that if there is a power outage or any other problem they will be notified on their cell phones right away. Having your entire house connected and automated seems like something out of the space age has to us but they are thrilled with what they have. My husband and I are both of the opinion that the more gadgets that are connected, the more things that can go wrong. I can’t see us ever wanting to install anything that talks to us.

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