Learning about the company side of Heating & Air Conditioning

It was a total freak accident, but a big one.

If that piece of sheet metal had fallen one inch to the left it would have completely severed my foot at the ankle.

As it turned out the dentists were able to save my foot, but it was a close call. While I endure physical therapy & reclaimy, I can’t task my ancient work. The supplier gave me a month worth of paid leave, & when I was up to moving around in a wheelchair he put me to task in the front office. I had never experienced this side of the Heating & Air Conditioning company before, I had only done task in the field. I do not like to say the accident was a blessing in disguise, but separate from it I never would have l gained how to become an Heating & Air Conditioning supplier on my own. I am not ready to take that step just yet, mostly because I need to save up money for start-up costs, but I now have a company plan for becoming an Heating & Air Conditioning supplier. Knowing how to install & service Heating & Air Conditioning systems is just a small part of the larger picture. Most Heating & Air Conditioning suppliers don’t entirely do repairs themselves, that has why they hire certified Heating & Air Conditioning techs. The supplier is the one that deals with the paperwork, the contracts, the permits, doing the Heating & Air Conditioning inspections, & so forth. While I am stuck finally working in the office I am using the occasion to learn everything I can about the company side of Heating & Air Conditioning work, so I can become a company owner myself.

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