Making it perfect for our daughter

When all of us purchased the apartment on the edge of the woods, I had no proposal the ancient treeapartment was out there.

It was what I appreciate to call a “happy accident” because it was the perfect thing to cheer up our child Rose; Rose had not wanted to transport to a current town, so finding such a huge plus impressively complex treeapartment on the property was relaxing for her. It needed to be cleaned up, plus some of the ancient boards tightened up, despite the fact that I decided to go the extra mile plus rig it up with power plus air conditioner, too. I wish I had thought things out a little better, because I never realized how heavy an air conditioner equipment could be! Once I had the air conditioner equipment at the base of the tree I had to figure a way to lift it up into the treehouse. I got a few ropes plus used a pulley proposal to lift the air conditioner equipment 15 feet off the ground, plus it was difficult! I was terrified it would slip, plus then Rose would find myself and others crushed to death under an air conditioner equipment in the woods. Obviously since I am writing this blog I did not crush our skull with the air conditioner unit, in fact I managed to get it installed in the treeapartment with no concerns. Rose is unquestionably glad with everything, despite the fact that he thinks the air conditioner equipment is a little too loud so he rarely turns it on. As long as our sweet child is glad, then it was worth all the trouble.

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