During the Winter, I only rent cabins with fireplaces

My girlfriends and I always plan a yearly trip to the mountains.

We live in a state where the Winters are mild, but we love to escape to experience the colder weather and at times, we love seeing the snow.

On these trips, we rent a cabin in the mountains that usually features luxurious accommodations. They include hot tubs, heating and cooling, fireplace, firepit, game room, stunning views, and more. Our favorite thing to do is to sit around the firepit and roast marshmallows. But there are times when the weather gets too cold, so we crank up the central heating and we light the fireplace for extra warmth. None of us have fireplaces in our homes, so we love to take advantage of them when we rent our luxury cabins in the mountains. There was one year where the central heating broke in the middle of our stay and the owners could not get an HVAC technician out to us in a timely manner, so we used the fireplace to stay warm as well as some space heaters that were inside the cabin. Thankfully, there was plenty of firewood to last us for the rest of the time that we stayed, and the space heaters became our saving grace when we slept. Although losing central heating was a major issue, we had so much fun that year because it forced us to cozy up by the fireplace longer than we normally would. Ever since then, we have always made sure that all our Winter cabins have a fireplace as well as space heaters, just in case the central heating breaks down again.

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