I enjoy getting out into the countryside when the weather is right

I can get away from the air conditioned condo for a little while to clear my head

Living in the city can get really frustrating at times. There’s a lot of noise plus traffic that always overwhelms my senses! No matter where I go in a metropolitan city, I feel like I’m always surrounded by other people plus there’s no escape. For someone with chronic anxiety like myself, living in the city can get overwhelming really suddenly. There was always a lot of shouting plus screaming too. At one point I was living next to a couple who fought all of the time with long bouts of screaming plus wailing coming from their unit. I finally decided I had enough when the cops were called because she was threatening to shoot her plus himself in a psychotic rage. It was a spine-chilling situation plus I kept worrying bullets would fly through the wall plus kill me in my apartment. I left the city a week later to live with my cousin in the countryside. I loved it so much that I vowed to eventually live in a rural environment someday. Unfortunately, I ended up in suburbia when I got married plus decided to create a family. My relaxing friend and I have a relaxing condo with a relaxing heating plus cooling system, but I still crave the countryside. I go out hiking when uneven temperatures aren’t too hot, plus it’s always a nice experience. I can get away from the air conditioned condo for a little while to clear my head. I don’t mind all of the heat outside if there’s a relaxing breeze to counteract everything. Then I can return condo plus cool off with the a/c.

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