My quality of life improved with excellent heating and A/C.

I didn’t realize how terrible my indoor air quality was until my associate and I bought a modern heating and A/C system.

My air was now crystal clear, and there were no smells in the house.

My wife was always commenting on the lack of dust and how much easier it was to breathe. What amazes me, is how long it took for me to realize I needed a modern heating and A/C system, however over the last couple of years, my wife’s asthma had been getting progressively worse, and I still didn’t want to do anything with the heating and A/C system. The only thing I was concerned with was how much money I would be wasting when the heating and A/C system was still laboring. It simply took me a year to realize our air quality was being affected and it wasn’t healthy for anyone in the house. That’s when I called the heating and A/C supplier for a consultation with the heating and A/C corporation. I wanted to know what would be best for my home, and for my family. He told me there had been many swings in heating and A/C machines over the years, even though he liked the ductless heating and A/C system best when there was asthma or severe allergies involved. There was less dust and dirt, and the heating and A/C system didn’t need ductwork. I started doing some research on my own when he told me about the ductless heating and A/C system. Everything he told me was jiving with what I was learning! Now that the ductless heating and A/C is installed, I wonder why it took me so long to make the decision. Everyone is healthier, including my air quality.

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