Some cooling tech sales money coming

I’ll be getting a small chunk of money from my stepmom in two or three weeks and will plop it into the bank for safe keeping.

I am trying to rebuild my bank account after sinking it all into a sinking ship stock last year.

I also originally obtained 2000 shares of this dealer stock at $20 a share, and then I obtained more at $10 a share, and then more. I kept buying more shares until the price got down to $1 a share and then I stopped buying. Now it’s at a whopping 28 cents a share! My heating and cooling device work seems like it was all in haste because all of the heating and A/C sales money I saved over a 15 year phase has all but evaporated. So now I will finally let it rest for as long as it needs to before it comes back to the $10 mark, where I would finally sell it and be even again. My cooling pro associate told me it will go back up to $10 or higher once the local corporation starts ramping up production and selling cars, which she told me will happen within the next three years max. Last year it hit $8 a share in the summertime, so I believe my associate and I can get there again soon and I just need to be patient until then. I will also just focus on doing heating and A/C repairs for the local dealer and forget about that money, and then maybe one day I will be pleasantly surprised to see that I got all of my money back again.

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