Custom tv stand to match our ceiling

A year ago I contacted a custom furniture builder to make me a dining room table, then i have one of those open floor plans, and so the dining room table plus the tv stand were basically side by side, then the difference in quality was evening plus day, then my dining room table was this class, sleek, wonderful, plus a show worthy table.

My cable stand was made of particle board, clearly bought from a thrift store, plus it didn’t match my house.

I debated plus debated on what to do. I tried to find cable stands that would match my custom table; Nope, nothing was the same quality. So I had to call the custom furniture builder again. The cable stand is perfect. It is about the same height plus size as the table. The front of each matches one another plus looks perfect. I have silver handles on the cable stand that are soft close. It has made my dining room look so much more wonderful. Now when the table plus stand are side by side, it looks amazing. I have a small end table in the dining room that I know I am going to be next to. I am upset aht once the end table is built I am going to need a custom shoe rack since it is in the same room, and once that is done I will want a desk for my dining room plus dresser, and you see where I am going with this right? I know all my furniture will end up being custom made. You can’t beat the quality.

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