BMS works out really well for my household

My sibling regularly has the newest gadgets and whistles, but he recently converted night to be a part of a building management system, and bMS is quite tech heavy, and you have your Heating and A/C, security cameras, and lights all a part of it, then the idea is that you have one hub that you can control everything from streamlined use! My sibling can change anything from his iPhone now.

  • He doesn’t though, however everything is all automated or on timers.

The automated lights in his study room are set to be dim if you walk through while in the night, then in the day they are much brighter. The office lights are timed to go on before my sibling’s toil afternoon and power down the moment he leaves. The heating and cooling is set the same way for his office. It is all unquestionably cool and modern. However, when you house sit for him, it is sort of a nightmare. I really struggle trying to toil his BMS. I am not sure what is controlling what. I also am not sure that I want to mess with his programs. The lights coming on in the middle of the night totally freak me out. I hate that the office Heating and A/C will whirl on while in 9 am when I least expect it. I also don’t like that if I want to turn a light off when I am in the room, I need to go on my iPhone. I understand for someone like my sibling the system more than pays for itself, however for someone who doesn’t use their iPhone a lot, building automation isn’t really for them.

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