The different types of law

My best neighbor and I were sharing classes in school, however our work paths diverged completely.

  • The two of us were both interested in philosophy and writing and I assumed every one of us would both end up toiling for a school someday .

The two of us had endless discussions in dorm rooms staying up late smoking cannabis and listening to songs. In the end, every one of us both graduated with BA degrees in philosophy. I went to graduate school to continue down that path while he took the LSAT and started applying to law schools around the country. I seriously considered following his path, despite the fact that I was dissuaded by the attorney who hired myself and others for office filing while I was a highschool senior. He was angry then and sadly took his life a few years later after making a awful real estate deal, and it soured myself and others on the work. However, our neighbor has excelled in law and did phenomenally well while he was a law student. Now he’s toiling for a big law firm in the midwest. Although his goal was to work in constitutional law, he was put in the family and estate law department when the firm hired him. It’s steady work for an attorney because you’re dealing with a person’s estate before and after they are deceased. Not to be morbid, however people are dying every single day so the need for a family lawyer never goes away. As long as you don’t get involved in a nasty inheritance battle among family members, it’s relatively low stress work as well. He tells myself and others that he wouldn’t want to work in any other section of law if he had the choice, especially now that he’s getting established as a junior lawyer at his law firm.


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