Restaurants need to have good air conditioning

I love Thai food and if I could eat it every day, I would. In fact, I would hire a personal chef to make me Thai food whenever I craved it. Thai food is so fresh and the dishes are flavorful. I love the different curries, and the basil fried rice is always divine. I have a favorite Thai spot that I frequent almost every week, and the owner is familiar with my order. Whenever I called in, she always asks if I want the usual, and of course, I laugh and confirm that is what I want. The usual is basil fried rice and an order of Pang Nang curry with vegetables. I usually pick this up on my way home. Last Thursday, I placed an order and stopped in to pick it up. When I got to the restaurant, I noticed that the front door was open. This was quite odd, but I walked in anyway. When I reached the counter, I realized why the front door was open. The air conditioner inside the restaurant was broken. I asked the owner about the A/C, and she said that she was waiting for her HVAC technician to come and fix it. But she said that he wouldn’t be able to come for two more days. I told her that my friend is an owner of a commercial HVAC company in town, and I could have him stop by the next day. Her face lit up and she was so grateful for the offer. It’s the least I could do to help her. Plus, it will be hard to run a restaurant without good air conditioning.

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