Enjoying my ductless heat pump along with my self sustainability

It’s rather nice to be living off the grid. I’ve been living this sort of lifestyle for just more than two decades. But it’s still always funny the first time somebody comes out to my house. Granted, I live way out in the wilderness so it’s not like I get a ton of visitors anyway. But it’s always funny to see someone’s face when they come into my cabin and realize that I have residential HVAC. I guess they have this idea that I’m going to be some sort of caveman who’s out hunting for food and water. If that were the case I don’t think I would make it out here. No, I planned living sustainably out in the wilderness very carefully. I have a solar array that provides all the electricity that I could possibly need. And the HVAC technology these days is such that I’m able to use a ductless heat pump for air conditioning. When it comes to heating, I don’t need much help since I have a custom wood stove. But I will say it’s nice when I come home from a trip to be able to flip the ductless heat pump over to heating until I get the fire started. But primarily, I really wanted the ductless heat pump simply for the nights during the summer. I can deal with heat and humidity during the day with a fan. But at night, it really does make a difference when I have some air conditioning. So I’m awfully thankful that I get to live sustainably and yet have certain creature comforts like residential HVAC.

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