A new rental

Owning a beach house has become much more of a hassle the older I get.  I’ve lucked out to be able to make some money on the sale of 2 homes. However, with the economic temperature the way it is now, owning a beach house isn’t necessarily the financial lock it once was.  The value of home ownership is debatable for the first time in our life. The sale of our last home was not anywhere as lucrative as the first sale. Plus, I’m sick of being on the hook for every single detail.  I’m just not as interested in the weight of home ownership. The next time the HVAC goes out, it’s not on me. Currently, all I have to do is call the rental office if I have a problem with an appliance. Granted, the rental office may not transfer on our requests with the seriousness I might.  But, I love it someone else has to call the heating plus cooling men to make an appointment. In fact, I am having a bit of an HVAC issue right now. The heating plus cooling component in our rental beach house is way overdue for an update. I have pointed out that I am dealing with a heat pump which has less than a 10 SEER rating.  The refrigerant could also be r 22 this HVAC is so old. In our call to the rental office, I reminded them it may behoove them to update the HVAC component now. Waiting another year will be more fancy. The close to 2020 we get, the more it’s going to cost to update a decrepit HVAC unit. The dawn of 2020 marks the time r 22 refrigerant will no longer be manufactured in the United States.  I’m urging the rental group to update our HVAC now while the prices are more adequate. But, I’m blissful it’s someone else’s problem.

emergency HVAC repair