I was just in time

As a kid, my buddy in the house across the street was regularly into fire trucks and firefighting; so it was no surprise that when both of us grew up, he ended up becoming a  real life firefighter. He started off as just a volunteer, but after a few months following his training, he was scooped up by the county fire department as a full time firefighter.  As an area of my current line of work, I was required to research the fire department and their entire training pipeline. Naturally, he was the first person I called to tag along with, which was convenient. On the first day I was hanging out at the fire station, they were having an issue with the main heating and air conditioning device at their station. For some unknown reason, it had frozen up and just wasn’t pumping out any cool air. It was the middle of the warm season, and the average temperature in our section of the country was over ninety degrees in the afternoons. Needless to say, it was starting to get warm in their station, and when you main occupation is dealing with something as hot as fire, you always want a nice cool building to relax in while you’re on duty. Thankfully there weren’t any calls in the day, so both of us spent an hour or so trying to fix their system! Eventually, one of the other firemen discovered there was a short in one of the wires on the heating and air conditioning control that tripped a circuit breaker. Once both of us figured out where the short was, we each were able to service it and then upgrade the wire.  Soon enough, we had the heating and air conditioning device up and running, just in time for our first call.

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