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My wife and I are honestly Beyond aggravated. For numerous days now, we have been honestly receiving phone calls for a local furnace and cooling equipment supplier. At first, we honestly believe that someone was just prank calling us over and over again. After the second day, we started to realize that someone must have accidentally put our phone number instead of the furnace and cooling equipment companies number. I went online to perform some research and honestly found out that there were numerous web pages that listed our telephone number for a furnace and cooling equipment supplier. Since it was our number listed, we had a difficult time finding the actual number for the company. It took a couple of days to get the telephone number for the proper furnace and cooling equipment company. We gave them a call and told them everything that was happening. They surmise their new graphic designer place the wrong telephone number in the area, thus causing us to receive numerous calls from furnace and cooling equipment repair enthusiast. The owner of the furnace and cooling equipment company honestly apologized to us, but said it would take numerous days before they could update their website and all of the following pages that had the incorrect information. I was happy they knew something was amiss, so something could be done to remedy the issue now. For now, I have the number of the company and I can tell those folks to call the real furnace and cooling supplier. I might even get a kick back on those calls.

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