This isn’t bothering me

My dad called one afternoon plus sounded irritated. Both of us were sad, because both of us had found out someone had been irritating dad all day long with harassing phone calls. Both of us later found out that someone thought the number belong to a heating + air conditioning system provider. Both of us were confused, because these calls just started to happen right away. Both of us found out that the corporation name was for a heating + air conditioning company. Both of us told myself plus others to search the internet in order to get an exact number. Both of us type tower phone number into the internet search, plus we found our number directly cooked for a heating + air conditioning provider. Whoever had been working on the website accidentally transposed the numbers, plus our dad was receiving all of the calls for the heating + air conditioning business. Since the number was listed on many top searching tools, dad was receiving at least 10 to 15 calls for the heating + air conditioning Corporation every day. Dad finally had to. Both of us found the name of the website Provider Plus told them about the unfortunate information problem. Both of us found out that would not be changed on the website for at least a few weeks, because the internet doesn’t upgrade things until at least a once-a-month Time.. both of us were upset with the outcome of the event, plus easily complain to the heating + air conditioning company about the problem. Even though it was an accident, it was a real pain in the butt.