Let’s check the air filter

My husband is quite the procrastinator.  No a single can easily understands how badly he will procrastinate.  I bought a up-to-date bathroom faucet, over a year ago. The faucet is resting in the home office on the stool, where I put it when I brought it home.  I keep giving gentle reminders that he needs to install it, however no matter how several times the two of us go to town, he forgets to get the right fittings.  I also bought a up-to-date range hool when I bought the bathroom faucet. He didn’t get that installed either. The other day, I walked away and forgot about the pan I had on the stove.  Normally, the two of us would turn on the exhaust fan and have it draw all of the smoke outside. The ventilation method in our range hood, hasn’t worked for almost a year. It only blows the stinks back into the house.  I told him ventilation in the range hood didn’t work, even though he still turned it on. The thing is, that my husband is an electrician. Installing the up-to-date range hood, hooking up the exhaust fan in the bathroom, and even decreasing out the bathroom faucets should not be undoubtedly difficult for him.  He has no experience in Heating as well as A/C systems, however when the air conditioning device quit actually working in the middle of the night this year, it didn’t take him long to figure out the problem. He had the A/C device ripped apart in a matter of an minute. Before several minutes were up, he had the fan to the a/c running again, and he was in bed sleeping.  Maybe I should put the words ‘air conditioning parts’ on the fan, faucet and range hood boxes.

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