The air conditioner overflowed

We had just moved to a new apartment across the country from where we are from and where all of our family lives. We didn’t know a whole lot about central air units because where we were from, houses did not have them. One night we were doing laundry and all of a sudden our floors were soaked, and the bottom half of the wall was soaked. Well of course we thought the washing machine had overflowed, but the washing machine itself wasn’t the least bit wet. So, since we were so stumped on what the issue could have been, we called our maintenance guy for our complex and he came over right away – it turns out, our air conditioning unit was set up right above our washing machine in the attic and our safety switch failed and the drip pan overflowed! What kind of luck is that? The maintenance guy had to install a new safety switch in hopes that it would never overflow again because it made such a mess. Had we been in our own house and that happened, we would have never known it could have been the air conditioning unit because we didn’t even think about that being a potential issue since we weren’t used to having those where we are from. Thank goodness our maintenance guy knew where the air conditioning unit was located too because that was a real lifesaver for us and things could’ve gotten so much worse, and so much more costly, had we not called him, or if had to of called an HVAC specialist.

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