Energy saving tips for the house

Did you know that the average homeowner can save almost $100 every year, just by washing their laundry in cold water. I’ve been doing the laundry in cold water for a decade, and that’s a heap of savings. Another way to save energy in the home, is to switch to energy efficient light bulbs. Halogen lights and LED lights only use about 1/4 of the energy of regular lights. One of the biggest energy wasters is the HVAC system. An inefficient HVAC system can cause a 30% influx on your monthly electricity bills. The best way to save energy on HVAC usage, is to change your filters regularly. If your furnace or A/C filter is dirty, air flow is slowed and the system works harder. If the HVAC system works harder, it expends more energy. If the HVAC system expends more energy, then the electricity bills will Skyrocket. The last time my wife and I had an Energy Efficiency survey, we found out that our insulation was letting out 20% of our heated and cooled air. We were opening up the windows and throwing our money into the wind. My wife and I paid the HVAC company to seal our duct work, and we insulated the attic and windows with insulation foam. We also placed some draft guards at the back and main entrance of our home,. I think it’s easy to feel the difference in our home. Even though our electric bills have not gone down by much, I can feel the difference in our indoor air quality.