It was so terribly sad when my brother died in a motorcycle accident. I always told him he should be careful on that bike of his, and perhaps shouldn’t ride it so often. He really loved riding that bike though and unfortunately, that’s how he died. The real sad thing is that his wife passed away a long time ago from cancer, and his only child was left without any parents! Being a good uncle, I decided to take my nephew to live with me. I hadn’t seen him in a long while unfortunately and it seemed we didn’t really have much in common. Well, one day I was working on the HVAC equipment and my nephew said he wanted to help. He was asking a bunch of questions about how the climate control system worked and what kind of maintenance I was doing. I’m certainly no professional, but I do what I can so I can get minimal professional assistance. I showed my nephew how to shut the power down to the HVAC equipment before doing any work on it. I told him it was incredibly important or you could fry the system and even hurt yourself if you forget to do that. I showed him how to remove the cabinet from the outdoor condenser unit and how to clean it out really well. He got to the point where he could easily spray out all the debris and clean everything out on his own, which was great. I showed him how to clean out the inner workings of the HVAC equipment and to check for worn parts in the system. Now if there are worn parts, I call up the professionals to handle it, I don’t like to mess with that type of maintenance. Plus I get tune-ups twice per year. Even though it seemed my nephew and I didn’t have a whole lot in common, handling the HVAC maintenance has really helped us to form a great bond!

HVAC care