Summer Just Got Better With a New HVAC Unit

The global climate must be changing something fierce. Summers are getting hotter, and winters are getting colder. For years, my family got through the summers with window air conditioners. As such, when it got hot, we were at the total mercy of a machine that sometimes got overloaded by constant use. My mother has been in the same residence since I was a child, with the same window air conditioners in the same bedrooms. But with the passage of time comes new opportunities and priorities. Now that she is making important household decisions by herself, my mother finally decided to spend her savings and have a new heating and air conditioning unit installed in her home. Now she gets steady air and heat in all rooms, including the bathrooms. She is very proud of this purchase and tells me all the time that she should never have waited so long. No longer is there risk of sweating even in an air conditioned bedroom. We don’t even need to use portable heaters anymore to keep warm in colder weather. There is no loud roar of cold wind when using an air conditioner. With the simple touch of a device, my mother now enjoys a regulated temperature that is soundless and unintrusive. Having worked in construction for most of my adult life, I was able to explain to her the importance of having her new HVAC serviced each year, preferably before the cold winter weather rolls in. She agrees that it is a necessary expense, seeing as she wants to keep her HVAC in the great condition in which it was installed. My mother is thrilled with the upgrade, and even I am jealous of her new household toy.