Winter Weather Is Coming!

It is a pattern emerging: the summers get hotter and the winters get colder. I know as autumn hits and the weather gets cooler that winter is indeed coming, and it is time to service my heating, vent, and air conditioning unit. I do this every autumn to prepare for the possibility of harsh temperatures and/or storms, which have become more unpredictable with each year. I keep the number of my favorite local HVAC servicer on the fridge so I remember who to call. They do a great job, and the unit never needs off-season maintenance. A few years ago, I asked myself: why do I need to call for HVAC service maintenance every year? I searched the question online and the answers I found scared me enough to call a technician that fall afternoon and make an appointment for that week. First of all, I wouldn’t have the large risk of my unit breaking during a winter storm and leaving me without heat, but with a huge emergency repair bill. Also, routine maintenance will certainly keep my annual energy costs down. I can improve the air quality in my home with a yearly service, which is something I definitely want to keep in mind. I can barely breathe as it is during high-pollen spring, and I try to stay indoors most often as I can to keep my sinuses from overloading. Also, as long as my HVAC unit is working smoothly, I wouldn’t have to change the thermostat several times a day to keep a comfortable temperature in my home. It should be able to stay on a single setting for much of the time. I ran the cost-benefit analysis on my own and came to the decision that annual HVAC service maintenance is worth the small investment.

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