Should I Continuously Run My HVAC Fan?

I am not technologically inclined. I can read instructions alright and listen to directives from someone else, but I do not know all of the ins and outs of devices, like my heating, vent, and air conditioning unit outside against the house. This fall, after the machine had been serviced by a HVAC technician as is routine, I was going through the settings in the digital display. I noticed there were two options for running the HVAC fan: automatic and continuously “on”. Not knowing what the difference was, and not wanting to mess up the HVAC unit by operating it incorrectly, I chose to look up the question online. Reportedly, leaving it continuously on is more energy-efficient for a few reasons. This creates a more steady distribution of cold and warm air flowing to hard-to-reach areas like the basement and attic. The lifespan of the fan can even be extended, as it is not starting and stopping suddenly all the time. I should even have cleaner air as it is pulled through the filtration system, which would help with my allergies. The downsides of keeping the fan on non-stop could include feeling colder air in the house during the winter. In the summer, the house could keep warm air in the ducts and increase my energy costs. It is also possible to bring dirtier air into the system at that time. It could even clog up the HVAC system more often, resulting in additional cost of new filters. I think for now I will keep the fan continuously on during the winter, so I can breathe better, and operate the fan manually during the summer, so as to avoid the negative factors that come with constant use at that time. That should help matters.

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