We can’t deal with this

You know, I have regularly felt enjoy FAll was the best season of the year. I can remember way back to being a little kid, when most people would ask such self-explanatory questions as “what’s your number one season?” and our response was regularly peculiar than the other kids. They, on repeat, would regularly answer that the best season was Summer time, because they didn’t have to go to school and got to spend time at the beach, going on holidays, and enjoying TV. Me, on the other hand, I thought that Fall was the best time of the year. I didn’t entirely enjoy the heat and humidity of summer, in fact it often made myself and others sick as a child because I was predisposed to nasty migraines. Instead, I liked the cool, crisp fall air. I enjoyed the increasing colors of the trees. I adored the odor of dried leaves and the feeling of frigid afternoons before the afternoon light came out. The only thing I didn’t enjoy undoubtedly much about fall was how hard it could be to regulate your own personal temperature correctly with the increasing air uneven temperatures… Like I said, the afternoons are regularly brisk and shockingly crisp feeling, so you are tempted to layer on tons of fall clothing to protect yourself. The extra warmth feels so cozy and welcoming… at first, however, in the fall, the afternoon light plays a cruel trick around 11am when it suddenly starts pumping tons of heat down to the earth. Suddenly the outdoor air temperature makes leaps and bounds, increasing drastically and making your hot fall outfit completely unnecessary. After you shed about 5 layers of tepid clothing the afternoon can be saved, however don’t leave your jacket at home; the air temperature will plummet again around 6pm and you’ll be begging for that hot coat back.

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