Cooling down the cell phone tower

I work for a cell phone company, but not in the way you think. I can’t imagine being one of those salespeople, or even worse working in the corporate office pushing papers around. I am out in the field, helping to set up new cell towers. Sometimes we even do good works for people who need it, which is why a crew of us went down to the storm-damaged islands to help restore the communications systems. The place got beat up badly, and having no working cell phones wasn’t helping matters. The problem was so bad our short trip ended up taking multiple weeks. We were sleeping in tents on the worksites, with no running water or air conditioning, and it was rough going for a while. I know that not having AC was a pretty low priority compared to the damage all around me. Still, it was harder and harder to get through the hot days knowing that there would be no cooling for us until we went back to our home country. Then our company surprised us with a shipment of small, portable air conditioners, and a generator specifically designed to power them. They were not much to look at, and very weak, but definitely good enough for cooling off the inside of a tent. There were no air filters in them, so they didn’t help with air quality or humidity, but we didn’t care. Having a little AC to look forward to at the end of a hard day made all the difference to our morale, and helped us work harder.