I’d love a break

Every year I go through a drastic transition. As the days of summer begin to fade, the days get shorter and darker, and the air temperature begins to decrease with each passing day, I begin a true metamorphosis into a brand new, chilly creature. It starts with a cool breeze passing by when I open the door in the morning, or maybe a cold chill when I wake up in the morning and assess the air conditions outside of my thick, warm blankets. Suddenly, my perspective changes. My body and brain begin to settle into an unfamiliar pattern of continual layering and snuggling. My outlook becomes sad, nervous, and bored. And my wardrobe changes immediately, from short sleeved band shirts and jeans to several sweaters and thick tights hidden under my pants. This was exactly how my day began today, in fact. There was a cool breeze from the drafty window behind me as I opened my eyes this morning, setting the tone for an immediate transition into wool sweaters and long underwear. As I headed into work, I confidently congratulated myself on my excellent judgement and protection from the terrible weather. When I reached my work, though, it wasn’t long before I became aware of a new fact. The office where I work is extremely warm when the heat is turned on. It dawned on me in that moment that I had not worked in the building last winter, when the central heating system was running each day. I had no clue how hot the office would be when I dressed for the coming arctic storm, and now I was suffocating as my body overheated. As I settled into the sweatiest day of my life, I wondered if I was possibly too dramatic about the season change.

cool and heat