Enjoying these traditions

When my wife and I got married, she had some family traditions that she wanted me to be involved in. Every single year during the holiday season, she would go visit with her family and relatives up north. Being from the South, I wasn’t used to the bitter cold winters and all the snow, but I learned to love it! We would go hang out with all the family and enjoy the snowy weather. We would go to the ski resort and ski down the slopes too. When we were visiting with my wife’s parents, they always had the fireplace going and it was rather marvelous. I remember asking my father in law about the HVAC equipment. He explained that they have radiant heated floors in their house. That explained why my feet always felt so toasty and I never fully understood how the heating system was so pleasant until that time. The fireplace created a lovely ambience to the household and everybody had a wonderful time. We enjoyed holiday feasts together and after being out in the snow, my mother in law would have hot cocoa for everybody! It was some old family recipe that was passed down and honestly, it was the best hot cocoa I’ve ever tasted in my life! When we would go back home back in the South, it was back to the warm weather again. It was strange as often times, we would go from the snowy weather conditions to having to use the A/C again! It was something that really took some getting used to, but I really enjoy the family traditions in my wife’s family.

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