I was okay with that

Not long ago, I was fortunate enough to take a work from home job. I no longer need to set an alarm, dress in business casual and go to the office five days a week. I typically work in my pajamas, adhere to my own schedule, and listen to my favorite music. I am not distracted by nosy coworkers and am far more productive at home. When I first started working from home, I simply moved a desk and computer into a spare room. I immediately had a problem with staying comfortable. The room I’d chosen was the most troublesome to keep warm or cool.  Adjusting the thermostat to accommodate that single room was costing me a pretty penny. I was paying to air condition and heat the whole place, putting unnecessary stress on the air conditioner and furnace, because of continually messing with the thermostat. I finally contacted a local HVAC contractor for a solution. The technician listened to my concerns and suggested that I upgrade to zone control and smart thermostats. With the introduction of valves into the duct system, I’m able to focus heating and cooling to particular rooms. I can make adjustments to the comfort of my workspace without influencing the rest of the house. The smart thermostat allows me to adjust temperature, and even raise or lower humidity levels, without leaving my desk.  I have access to the system through a convenient app on my phone. Now I can work in peace.