Factory update fail

We have lost another big manufacturing plant in our town.  It has been happening all around the country but when it hits close to home it can be very difficult.  The sad part is, this one could have been avoided if the proper technology had been implemented when problems first arose. The factory was told years ago that they needed to decrease the toxic emissions that the plant was sending out into the surrounding air. Although the air quality in our area will be improved and the risk of health issues from that air will be less, this means that hundreds of hard working people are out of work as a result. All that the management at the plant had to do was utilize technology to make the air safe.  The EPA made recommendations and even offered assistance in making those changed. The company choose not to make the investments and tried to make small changes instead. These did not improve the air quality to the accepted levels so the EPA closed them down. I guess that the upper management didn’t really care because they made the money they wanted while the little guy got the shaft. These days, people are less worried about big factories and more worried about the air, water, and health issues that are affected by dangerous chemicals.  I am too but I wish that the people who own these large companies would make an investment in the future of the employees too. Technology is out there that can make these large manufacturing safe for all involved. It is costly, but, well worth it when it comes to ensuring the longevity of the those companies.