A need for speed

Our son has always been referred to as a “motorhead”.  This means that for as long as we can remember, he has been working on anything with an engine.  Even when he was little we would catch him out in the garage playing with tools or trying to take something apart.   For these reasons we weren’t surprised when he told us he wanted to race cars. He kept working on old junkers and trying to swap engines to make them go faster. When he was old enough he started looking into importing a Type-R, JDM Honda.  He knew that it would have a powerful enough engine right from the start but he had no idea the paperwork and time that would be involved in shipping this classic car from Japan. Just finding a representative that could be trusted and that spoke English fluently was a challenge in itself. However, without that, the whole investment could be for nothing because he would have no way of seeing or driving the car in person before it actually arrived.  With a good rep on the other end he could be assured that his investment was worth every penny. It almost pained us to watch him pour through the mountains of paperwork and forms that needed to be completed just to begin the process. Once the initial purchase and shipping company was approved, it still took almost 2 months for the car to leave the Japanese port. The final arrival of the car is still a few weeks out. He will have a great car to work with for racing when it is all done.  I only hope he doesn’t run into any more red tape along the way.

Toyota Supra