The necessity of testing for radon

When I started out as a realtor, I had no idea what all was involved when the inspection came in and did their pre-purchase inspections.  I was so fascinated with the process, that I would follow; them around. I asked so many questions that I think there were times, they wanted to ask me to go away and leave them alone.  I saw them pull out petri dishes and put them in different parts of the basements and the attics. I had never heard of radon until I became a realtor. They explained to me how radon could affect many different aspects of the health and that testing for radon was a simple thing to do.  The radon test is placed in the lowest part of your home and it needs to be there for a minimum of forty-eight hours, in order to be accurate. The most accurate form of testing, allows the monitor to be put in the home for as many as ninety days. Once the test is done, as long as the test reads lower than a four, you are safe, but over a four reading, tells the person doing the test that they need to have a radon mitigation system installed.  Although it can cost between $1000 and $2000 to have the radon mitigation system installed, knowing that the safety of yourself and your family is no longer at risk, it is money well spent. I began recommending that everyone I met who was seeking to buy a home, to make sure there was a radon test done, and to have the radon mitigation system installed before they moved in.

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