Hot Dinner

You know, sometimes I just don’t understand people. This lady that I go to church with had me over to her house for dinner tonight. It was a nice gesture, and dinner was actually okay. She had lamb stew and crusty bread and a really nice red wine. She had nice music playing and we even played cards once dinner was over with and the table cleared away. Actually, everything would’ve been fine if she had only adjusted the temperature on her thermostat before dinner! When I first arrived at her house, the indoor air quality inside the living room was terrible. It was so stuffy and warm in there, and it seemed like it was warming up more and more every minute. I was really hoping that it would start cooling off, but that didn’t seem to be happening at all. I didn’t want to be rude and ask her to turn the heating off, but I thought that maybe she would notice that I was fanning myself because I was so hot. I soon came to realize that this poor lady could not take a hint. She even mentioned how she was sorry that it was so cold in the house! I was sitting there praying for some air conditioning to start blowing through the A/C vents, and here she was talking about turning the heating up even more! I told her to please not turn the heating up any more on my account. I was honestly ready to go before dessert because it was just too hot in there for me!

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