The One

I’ve been dating the same guy for several months now. He’s not my usual type. I usually date guys who are lawyers or accountants or engineers. They’re also usually tall and blond and kind of lanky and on the skinnier side. This guy, though, is totally different. I don’t know what it is about him, but I’m really infatuated with him. I met him when he came to my house to service my furnace system when I scheduled my annual heating and air conditioning maintenance visit with my local HVAC company. When I opened the door and saw him standing there in his heating and air conditioning uniform, my heart skipped a beat. But this guy is totally not my type! He’s in the service industry, he’s shorter and stockier than I usually go for, and he’s got dark hair and a scraggly beard. In other words, he’s all man. Something about him just drives me crazy and I want to see him all the time! Maybe I’ve been dating the wrong type all along, and my knight in shining armor is really a heating and air conditioning guy who knows his way around a furnace and an A/C system! I told him after our first couple of dates that I had no idea when I called the HVAC office that I was actually setting myself up on a blind date! This guy is so sweet and kind and he’s a very hard worker. Not to mention, he’s done a couple of tune ups on my HVAC system in my house for free.

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