HVAC problems in the cabin

At the very end of our block is an old cabin. It predates all the other houses in the neighborhood, and has in fact been empty for my entire life. No one ever lives there, nor ever has to the recollection of anyone around here. For that reason, plus a few others, the local kids have always thought the place was haunted. I thought it when I was a kid, and heck, I still sort of think it even today! Last Halloween some local kids dared each other to go inside the place, and they claim they heard screaming. It turned out there was just a wounded raccoon trapped in one of the old air vents. It was yelling and screaming into the rickety air ducts, which amplified the sound and changed the pitch. Thanks to the ductwork, a little animal sounded like a screaming woman, no wonder the kids got scared. There was no way I was going in there to mess around with those old air ducts. A few of us neighbors decided to call out an HVAC contractor to solve the problem and keep it from happening again. The HVAC guy told us no dice, he was not going to mess around in there with a wounded animal. After we got animal control to remove the raccoon, the HVAC guy went in there and tore out all the old ductwork. I was actually surprised a place that old had so many air ducts, especially since I didn’t see an air conditioner or a furnace anywhere in there.

HVAC ducts