Servicing the heating system

I was on my home the other day and I saw a man with a sign that said ‘need heat’.  This was odd, because we always see people standing by the road that says ‘need food’, ‘need money to get home’, ‘car broke down, help, but never ‘need heat’.  I rolled down the window and I asked about his sign. He said that he was new in the area and he didn’t know any HVAC company technicians. The house he and his wife had bought was nice, but the heating had gone out.  He called several HVAC companies that were in the phone book, but none of them could come right out and fix the furnace for them. I asked him for his phone number, which he gladly gave to me. I told him my husband was an HVAC technician and I would have him call.  When I got home, I gave the phone number to my husband. I told him the story, and he almost threw the phone number away. I said it was his choice to call or not. He really thought the number was bogus, but when he finally called, a harried sounding woman answered the phone.  She started to cry when he told he was a HVAC technician. He could hear kids in the background. He took our son with him, and told him to stay in the car in case it was some kind of hoax. When husband called him and said to bring in the tools, they were both happy. These were people who genuinely needed his help, and he didn’t charge them.

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