Third world AC

Recently my coworkers and I completed a mission of mercy to a third world country recovering from a tsunami. It was a lot of work, but it was very much work it. We build cell phone towers, and working together with locals and a few other multinational volunteers we managed to restore phone service to almost half of the country! Admittedly, it is a very small country, and only one in five people own cell phones,but it was still exhausting and important work. The government provided us with some cabins to sleep in, but there were bare bones. There was no plumbing, electricity, or climate control of any kind in them, which was normal for the area. It was us outsiders who were used to luxuries like air conditioning, when most people here struggled just to survive. That really helped us to keep perspective while pining away for our cooling systems back home. One day after our shift we came back to the cabin to find them each outfitted with a brand new, and very tiny, ductless mini split air conditioner. They were virtually silent, and so efficient at cooling the cabin down it didn’t need to run more than few minutes at a time. We called our bosses back home to thank them for the gift of climate control, but they didn’t know what we meant. It turns out the local government officials had splurged for the AC units for our cabins, as a show of thanks of goodwill for all the labor we had been putting in for their people.

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