Imagine planning your dream vacation

Imagine planning your dream vacation. For me, it would be venturing to a cooler climate during the winter – the opposite of where I live! You pick out your hotel, you book your activities, you buy a new wardrobe, pack the car and head to your dream destination. After an exhausting road trip, you can’t wait to get into your carefully booked hotel and enjoy the plush sheets and cuddle up only to find that the air conditioning and heating units are out of service. The hotel is booked and cannot move you to another room. It’s too late at night to find a new place to stay and you are stuck for the night! It’s freezing outside and no amount of blankets can warm you up. Now you’re stuck in a freezing cold hotel room on the first night of your carefully planned vacation, frustrated, disappointed and cold. This nightmare is a reality for a lot of travelers who are stuck in a hotel that does not properly utilize their HVAC provider. There is nothing worse than being on vacation and staying in a beautiful room with a broken air conditioner or heating unit. Lack of heating unit or air conditioner repair is the silent killer of your vacations. The heating and cooling of your hotel room could change a dream vacation into a nightmare. Hotels should work to ensure that their preferred HVAC business provides options for emergency heating and cooling such as heater installation, furnace service or air conditioner service. Hotels should also invest in an on-call HVAC technician in order to keep their vacationers happy.

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