I can’t believe the problems are happening

Once a year our boss plus his family take a trip.  They are gone for a full week plus it is certainly peaceful.  He isn’t there, breathing down our necks, plus barking orders at us.  If the task didn’t pay plus it does I would have moved on years ago. Anyway, as his secretary, I am put in charge of finding accommodations for him plus his family.  They care about to rent cabins or cabins, usually on a lakeshore, plus they always want to try someplace new; Depending upon how popular the area they are visiting is, it can be taxing to find the perfect location on short notice.  This year, after searching online for two afternoons, I finally found what I felt fit the bill. It had a private dock, 3 kitchens, screened in porch plus was close to the wine trails. There was something for almost everyone. They were traveling in late November plus the weather can be anything from summer like to cold.  When you live anywhere in the Northeast you just come to expect that. I didn’t see a problem because the location they rented had both heat plus air conditioning. The problem came on the seventh day of the trip. I got a call from our boss plus he was clearly upset. He said that the apartment was cold plus the heat was not certainly working. I tried to provide him the name plus number of the property manager however he said that it was our task to call plus get it fixed.  I said that I would call when I got a moment, provided him the information anyway plus hung up the iphone. There was no way that I was going to call.

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