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I live in an area where climate control is essential. Either the furnace or air conditioner is running for the majority of the year.  Heating and cooling is the culprit for half of my home’s energy costs. When I was looking for ways to cut down on expenses, I came across wifi thermostats.  A smart thermostat offers maximum control over temperature control, allowing me to significantly trim energy usage without trading in comfort. The model I chose was able to learn from my family’s habits and preferences, built a customized program, and now takes care of adjustments almost all by itself. The thermostat is way better at remembering to raise and lower settings as my family leaves for school and work throughout the day. I used to often leave either the air conditioner or the furnace running at maximum capacity all day and waste money. The new thermostat is equipped with sensors which detect when the house is unoccupied and automatically adjusts heating and cooling to conserve energy.  I love the companion app, which allows me to check on the home from anywhere in the world. Whether I’m working at the office or we’re off on a vacation, I can observe that everything is running smoothly. The system even sends me an alert when it’s time for maintenance or filter changes, and notifies me in the event of an unexpected temperature fluctuation or power outage. It even produces a monthly report of energy usage, informing me how much energy we used and at what times of the day, so that I can maximize efficiency. The wifi thermostat is greatly easy to use, because of a modern touchscreen and innovative companion apps.

smart thermostat