Installing a dehumidifier in vacation home to combat mold and mildew growth –

Although our primary residence is in the northern part of the country, my husband Richard and I also own a small home down south.  We probably spend a combined total of four to six months in our little vacation house down south. Richard and I do our best to completely avoid the severe winter temperatures and snow up north.  By the time we get to our southern home, the place has sat empty for quite some time. While we’re away, we shut off all but a single electrical outlet. We used to only keep the refrigerator and a security camera operating.  There is no need to run the air conditioner and cool an empty house. However, Richard and I soon realized that moisture was causing damage. The high humidity was leading to condensation, mold and mildew growth. We worried about the integrity of the structure and furnishings, as well as indoor air quality.  We explained our situation to a local HVAC contractor, who recommended a whole-home dehumidifier. Although the dehumidifier incorporated into the air conditioning system, it operates independently. We can operate the dehumidifier and regulate moisture levels without needing to run the cooling system. The dehumidifier extracts excess humidity from the air, and lets us to customize levels to our preferences.   When we’re in residence, we’ve found that the dehumidifier has greatly improved comfort and allows us to get by with higher thermostat settings. We’ve reduced our monthly energy costs and lessened the workload of the air conditioner. The house no longer feels sticky or smells musty, and I don’t need to clean as often.

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