Professional duct cleaning improves HVAC performance –

Most people entirely ignore the upkeep of the duct system, and it’s a mistake.  For anybody with family members who suffer from allergies, pets in the home, or who smoke indoors, it’s essential to indoor air quality.  I keep up with duct work cleaning through an experienced, local HVAC contractor who specializes in the process. I first contacted them because I’d noticed an increase in summer and winter utility bills.  Certain rooms were difficult to heat and cool, and felt stuffy and stale. I looked up these problems online and duct cleaning was recommended. When the HVAC contractor inspected the ducts, he found a significant buildup of debris, including dust, bugs, webs, and even mold growth.  Every time the furnace or air conditioner started up, the system was blowing harmful contaminants and bacteria throughout the house. This not only posed a health risk, but restricted airflow through the ducts, causing greater wear and tear on the heating and cooling equipment. The duct cleaning process was cost-effective, quick and created no mess or damage.  The HVAC contractor brought in a piece of equipment that looked a lot like a giant vacuum cleaner with a brush on the end. The brush dislodged stubborn pollutants and then sucked them up into the hose. Upon completion of the duct cleaning, there was a significant improvement in heating/cooling performance. I’m spending less every month, and yet the house stays cleaner, feels more comfortable and even smells better.  I make sure to have the ducts professionally inspected every year, and typically invest in cleaning every three years.

ductwork cleaning